Cannot assign static IP address to Cloud Access server

  • 7015143
  • 06-Jun-2014
  • 06-Jun-2014


NetIQ Cloud Access
Changed default setup to enable static IP address


After installing the Cloud Access overlay file, administrator wanted to change the default Cloud Access IP address. By default, it is allocated by a DHCP server but in this scenario no DHCP server existed. Following the docs, the VMWare VMX file was modified manually to the IP address required, but after every restart of the appliance, the old default address would be set. It was impossible to pick up the IP address configured in the VMX file.


The editor used to edit the VMX file did not terminate the lines in the manner expected by the ESX server. Downloaded the VMX file, edited it with vi, saved and re-uploaded it. As soon as the box was restarted, it picked up the right IP address.