Google users are unable to access Filr via OpenID authentication

  • 7015119
  • 29-May-2014
  • 26-Sep-2014


Novell Filr 1.0.1
Novell Filr 1.1


When an external user attempts to view a shared item using OpenID to authenticate or sign-in, the following error:

400. That’s an error.
OpenID auth request contains an unregistered domain:

External users are unable to login to access shared files, folders.
Shared item should be displayed to the user, but they aren't able to sign in.


At the time of writing this TID, there is no workaround.

Important Note: Systems created May 19, 2014 should continue working. New domains after this date are considered unregistered domains by Google OpenID. This typically will effect new Filr deployments or Filr environments that have recently changed their domain.


OpenID 2.0 has been deprecated by google.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

In Filr 1.1, this functionality is no longer available to new Filr users. Users whose Filr accounts were created by logging in to Filr with their Google or Yahoo accounts prior to Filr 1.1 are able to continue accessing Filr via their Google or Yahoo accounts in Filr 1.1. However, because the OpenID authentication service that this functionality is based on is being deprecated by Google, Filr will be moving to other, more relevant authentication mechanisms in the future. Filr versions later than 1.1 will not support any OpenID authentication for new or existing users.