FDE preboot authenticating login GUI shows SECUDE logo

  • 7015102
  • 23-May-2014
  • 23-May-2014


Novell ZENworks Full Disk Encryption 11.3 FRU1


The device has a Full Disk Encryption Policy assigned and preboot authentication is enabled.
The 11.3 FRU1 update has been applied the device.

After applying the update, the preboot authentication GUI shows the SECUDE instead of Novell logo


This is only a display issue and does not have functional impact.

1. Remove the Full Disk Encryption policy assignment (which triggers hard disk decryption and removal of preboot authentication)
2. Add the assignment back

Once preboot authentication is restored, the PBA GUI shows the Novell logo again.

Additional Information

SECUDE is the Novell partner which developed ZENworks Full Disk Encryption. Lately Novell bought the source code of ZENworks Full Disk Encryption from SECUDE. More information is available at:
Company to acquire full breadth of product offering through the purchase of source code from SECUDE