iPrint printers auto remove from Macintosh workstations with blank Print Manager database

  • 7015048
  • 12-May-2014
  • 12-May-2014


Novell iPrint Client for Macintosh


When a Print Manager database is loaded with no printer agents configured in the database, the iPrint Client for Mac version 5.74 and earlier will inappropriately auto remove the iPrint printers installed to the Macintosh machine.

This behavior can be problematic when:
  • doing an iPrint migration where the new Print Manager can be temporarily loaded with no printer agents. 
  • rebuilding a print manager database, which involves loading the print manager with the -b option.  The -b option blanks the print manager database.
Note:  This behavior of auto removing the installed iPrint printers from the Macintosh machine when the database is blank is different from the iPrint Client for Windows behavior.  The iPrint Client for Windows auto removes iPrint printers only if the Printer Agents were purposefully deleted using iManager.  Deleting iPrint printers with iManager adds iPrint printers to a "Deleted List" which should remove iPrint printers from workstations.  The problem here is that the iPrint Client for Mac treats non-existing printers as deleting printers, and that is incorrect.


Install the iPrint Client for Mac version 5.76 or later. 

Note: The behavior in the iPrint Client for Mac version 5.76 or later follows the behavior of the iPrint Client for Windows, which is described above.