Moving an OpenSLP DA from one server to another

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  • 07-May-2014
  • 07-May-2014


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


This document recommends a process to move a working OpenSLP DA from one server to a new server.

- OpenSLP is already installed and running as a DA on one server and all other SA's and UA's are using this existing DA without any issues.
- OpenSLP is already installed but is not configured or running on the new DA server.


1) Copy the /etc/slp.conf file from the working SLP DA server to the new SLP DA server
2) rcslpd start <enter>
3) rcslpd status <enter> to verify that it is running

-- At this point the new server is an SLP DA running with the same settings as the old DA however the SA's and UA's don't know that it is a DA.

4) Edit the /etc/slp.conf file from one of the servers (an SLP SA) that should register with the new DA.  Add the new DA's IP address to the "net.slp.DAAddresses =" attribute.  This attribute should now have at least the original DA's IP address and the new DA's IP address.
5) On this same SA at the server console do an: rcslpd restart <enter>  This will cause SLP to reread the slp.conf file and start using the new DA.  When a service provider like eDir next registers it's services (ndap.novell or bindery.novell) with the SLP SA it will send them on to all of the SLP DA's including the new DA. (For more information about edir's reregistration timer see TID# 7001449)
6) On the new DA at the console type slptool findsrvs service:bindery.novell <enter> to see if the SA has registered the eDir Bindery service with this new DA.
7) If this worked well then you can copy that /etc/slp.conf file from that SA to all other SA's and restart SLP on each SA.

-- At this point you should have two DA's that are servicing the same SLP scope and have the same SLP services listed.  If not, then find out which services are missing and double check those missing servers slp.conf file and services.  If the slp.conf file looks good and SLP is running then double check that the Susefirewall will allow UDP port 427 to and from the new DA's IP address.  Once you have two DA's with the same services it is time to address the UA's.

8) Edit the DHCP server's Option 78 to hand out the new DA's IP address, in addition to the old one that it was already handing out.  DHCP Option 79 should already be configured to hand out the SLP scope unless you are using the "default" scope in which case it is not needed.

9) Restart the DHCP service so that it will use the new DHCP Option information.

10) Restart a workstation with the Novell Client installed that is configured to get an IP address from the DHCP server restarted in step 9.

-- This workstation should be able to get SLP information from either DA.  Typing slpinfo <enter> in a console screen on this workstation should show SLP information including the new DA and scope, etc.

Once you are confident that the new DA is functioning properly you can stop the old DA with an rcslpd stop <enter> and continue testing.  The SA's and UA's will still try to talk to this old DA but it wont answer.  They will also talk to the new DA and it will answer.

When you are confident that the new DA provides what is needed then you can remove the OLD DA's IP address from the /etc/slp.conf file on all SA's, and from the DHCP servers configuration of Option 78.  Remember to restart SLP and DHCP on those servers after making the change.