How to migrate or move Novell Messenger to a new server

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  • 02-May-2014
  • 02-May-2014


Novell Messenger


How to migrate or move Novell Messenger to a new server


The following is one way to migrate or move Novell Messenger to a new server.

  1. Install Novell Messenger on the new server:
    • Start the installer from a terminal window: ./
    • Select [Enter] to continue, Accept the license agreement by scrolling to the bottom [Spacebar].
    • Enter y to Continue with installation.
    • Enter y to configure the Messenger system.
    • Select Install a new server to an existing system.
    • Proceed through the installer. See documentation for Installing Novell Messenger, if necessary.
    • Select n for Do you want to start the agents now?

  2. Migrate the Novell Messenger Archive Agent (NMAA) archive files:
    • Stop the NMAA service on the old server: rcnovell-nmaa stop
    • Copy /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store from the old server to the same location on the new server from Step 1:
      scp /var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store root@<newServerAddress>:/var/opt/novell/messenger/aa/store

  3. Start the new Novell Messenger services on the new server:
    rcnovell-nmma start
    rcnovell-nmaa start

    Note: If the NMAA service is unable to start, it is possible the archive files from the store have improper ownership or permissions. See TID 7012724 - Unable to start ArchiveAgent for further details.

  4. Verify users are able to connect to the new Novell Messenger server and that everything is working as expected. When ready, proceed to delete the old server object from the Messenger Service container in the eDirectory tree.