Archiving GroupWise emails over a network

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  • 02-May-2014
  • 02-May-2014


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What are the supported configurations for the GroupWise client archiving emails onto a network server?


The GroupWise engineering team has recently completed validation on a couple new GroupWise archiving options.

We are updating our support statements, documentation and best practices with regards to Archiving over the Network. The following statement will be included in the upcoming readmes.

The recommended location for a Windows client user’s archive is on his or her local workstation. Creating an archive on a network drive is supported in the following two configurations:

  1. The Novell Map Network Drive feature of the Novell Client is used to map a network drive from the user’s workstation to a Novell Open Enterprise (OES) Linux server or a NetWare server where the archive is located.

    The OES Linux server must use NSS volumes, and you must use NCP access with cross-protocol locks enabled in order to ensure safe client access to the archive. The setup for Windows client access to an OES Linux server is the same as for Windows ConsoleOne access to an OES server. For setup instructions, see “Configuring the OES Linux Server for NCP Access from Windows” in “ConsoleOne Administration Tool” in the GroupWise 2012 Administration Guide.

  2. The Windows Map Network Drive feature is used to map a network drive from the user’s workstation to an OES Linux server using Novell CIFS access.

Note: Other configurations, including Samba on a SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) server, are not currently supported.