Admin is unable to add trustees and assign rights to DFS junctions

  • 7014996
  • 02-May-2014
  • 02-May-2014


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows 7
OES2 SP3 with DFS and DST


When right-clicking a DFS target, and selecting the "Trustee Rights..." option, it will not show explicit assignments or allow the addition of new assignments.

The same process works as expected on Windows XP.

On Windows XP, if you right-click on a folder representing a DFS junction, and select "Trustee Rights..." it will show the explicit rights at the root of the DFS target. You can add and/or remove trustees and assign rights.

On Windows 7, upon attempting to add rights, an error appears, such as

Failed to add trustee test.novell. You might not have sufficient rights. Continue adding?

After clicking the “Yes” button, the added trustee disappears, and the rights are not assigned.



Map a drive to the actual location \\server2\data3a (for example), then right-click on the mapped drive and choose the "Trustee Rights..." option. The trustees appear and rights can be assigned.


Reported to Engineering