TFTP replication flow

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  • 24-Apr-2014
  • 28-Apr-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3


TFTP replication and system bundles.


  1. During TFTP replication schedule, request for checksum of all files in tftp folder, to all primary and imaging satellite servers (except the servers that  have been specifically excluded) and compare it with checksum of the TFTP folder in master TFTP primary server.
  2. The zip files are created the for different content for each of the primary and imaging satellite servers and marked for replication. 
  3. These zip files will be replicated during content replication schedule.
  4. Cleanup of old bundles is not specific to imaging content or TFTP replication. It is commonly handled by the content system framework. It takes care of purging the old bundles for all content.  Replication enabled/disabled status does not affect the cleanup process.

Additional Information

For more information about viewing system bundles see"" target="_self">

Third party imaging bundles and modifications:

Example:  Modification to pxe menu file

When waik is uploaded on a server, during zip content creation, the pxemenu.txt present in the srv/tftp folder of the server is modified by adding the winpe entry;this modified pxemenu.txt along with wim files are included in the zip.

Note: Initially, this pxemenu.txt is taken from the server, where the waik was uploaded.  So any customization present in it, is not deleted.   The winpe entry is simply added to the existing file,and it is included as part of content zip.

When this zip is subsequently replicated, the wim files as well as pxemenu.txt  is extracted and placed in srv/tftp folder of all the servers.

In order to replicate the customized pxemenu.txt

1. customize pxemenu.txt in TFTP folder of master TFTP primary server .
2. upload waik from the same server.
3. Let it sync to all servers.
4. Setup TFTP replication schedule as required.