Update a Linux DNS server with iPrint information to print from AirPrint capable devices

  • 7014948
  • 22-Apr-2014
  • 25-Apr-2014


Novell iPrint for Linux


The iPrint Appliance has the ability to print from mobile devices.  Many iOS apps do not provide the "Open In" feature required by the iPrint app.  When "Open In" is not an option, printing via AirPrint is the only option.  iPrint printers hosted on an iPrint Appliance server can be made known to the AirPrint lookup through DNS.  See TID 7012895 for more information.

This TID lists the steps to import iPrint printers to a SLES DNS server (see TID 7012895 for MS DNS and OES DNS) to be made known to iOS devices.


  1. Copy the iPrint Appliance padbtxt.xml file from the iPrint Appliance to the SLES DNS server's /tmp directory.
    • Paste the following command to a terminal session at the SLES DNS server
      • Syntax:
        • scp <iPrintAppliance IP or DNS>:/var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/padbtxt.xml /tmp
      • Example:
        • scp myiprint.companyname.com:/var/opt/novell/iprint/print_manager.iPrintAppliance.psm/padbtxt.xml /tmp
  2. At the server console, type:
    • yast2 dns-server
      • Highlight "TSIG Keys"
        • Populate the "Key ID" and "Filename" fields.
        • The name and filename can any of your chosing.
        • Click the "Generate" button
      • Highlight "DNS Zones"
        • Highlight the zone which the mobile devices will use and click the Edit button.
        • Check the box for "Allow Dynamic Updates"
        • Ensure the key file created earlier is selected in the drop down list.
        • Click OK
  3. Restart named:
    • rcnamed restart
  4. Look in the directory which the "filename" was created and make note of the .key file name.
    • The default key location is /etc/named.d/
  5. Optional Step: Test ability to update DNS using the TSIG key
    • note: replace the text within each <> to the information applicable to your environment.
      • nsupdate -k /etc/named.d/<keyname>.+<somenumbers>.key
      • server <IP of the SLES DNS server>
      • zone <zone>.com
      • update add iprinttest.<zone>.com 86400 A
      • send
      • quit
    • If this successfully updates, proceed to the next step.
  6. Download the Printer Agent DNS Converter Script:
    • wget -P /tmp ftp://ftp.novell.com/outgoing/PaDNSConverter-0.6.sh;chmod 775 /tmp/PaDNSConverter-0.6.sh
  7. Change to the /tmp directory
    • cd /tmp
  8. Run the script:
    • Syntax:
      • ./PaDNSConverter-0.6.sh -z <zone>.com -s <IP of the SLES DNS server> -k /<path and name of the TSIG key>
    • Example:
      • ./PaDNSConverter-0.6.sh -z myorganization.com -s -k /etc/named.d/KmyKeyName.+157+16347.key
  9. Restart named
    • rcnamed restart