GWIA reporting 450 Host Down in gwia.log

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  • 09-Apr-2014
  • 18-Apr-2014


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


GWIA not sending to certain external Domains
450 host down error messages in gwia log files


Point to a working DNS Server from the Network Interface from YaST in Linux or Network Settings in Windows


DNS Server resolution issues

Additional Information

Troubleshooting steps to verify DNS is working by following the steps below.
  1. From the gwia server. Do the following nslookup command to see if an DNS name is being resolved to an IP address.
    set type=mx
    <internet domain name of the receiver>

    For example, if having trouble sending email to  Use the following nslookup command
    set type=mx
  2. If this doesn't resolve back an IP address, this confirms there is something wrong with the DNS resolving IP addresses
Another way to verify this is to create a route.cfg file to force the GWIA to first look at the entries listed here before using the DNS server.
  1. Create a file in the gwia directory and name it route.cfg and in this file type the following.
    <InternetDomain> <IPaddress>
    For Example, in the route.cfg if having problems sending to you would type the following:
  2. Save this file and restart the GWIA agent
  3. Now send an email to the specified domain and if it's successful, this will also verify the DNS server is having problems resolving an IP