Error 0x80078900 when unlocking Windows workstation

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  • 07-Apr-2014
  • 07-Apr-2014


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows


When unlocking a Windows workstation, the Novell Client returns the error:

Login Failed
Error 0x80078900

The network password cannot be validated at this time because the connection to the Novell network was lost. Please enter the password for the Windows account to unlock the computer now, or wait and try the network password again later.


Increase the value of the "Server Connection Retries" setting. Find the setting by navigating to:

Red N > Novell Client Properties > Advanced Login tab > Server Connection Retries


The Novell Client attempts to re-establish its NCP connection before the underlying network connection has been re-established. The network connection can be delayed for a variety of reasons related to the behavior and performance of the NIC or other network components.

The "Server connection retries" setting forces the Client to continue trying to establish the connection until the network connection is again available.