SecureLogin Wizard does not "Flash" on fields

  • 7014853
  • 04-Apr-2014
  • 08-Apr-2014


Novell SecureLogin 7.x
NetIQ SecureLogin 8.0


Dragging pointer from SecureLogin Wizard will does not identify username or password fields
Wizard will not detect and highlight fields
Selecting "Yes, I want to single sign using the default selections done by the wizard" creates a working script, even when "Choose arrow" on "identify fields" tab detects nothing.


Sometimes SecureLogin actually detects fields but will not show them.  Instead of watching for "flashing red boxes" from the wizard to highlight fields on the target page or window, look in the "identify fields" section of the Wizard to see what has been detected. Items shown with boxes checked under "Credentials found on this screen" will have been discovered by the Wizard.  Expand "All Fields" to see everything detected by the Wizard.