SecureLogin files not closing on Citrix server

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  • 04-Apr-2014
  • 04-Apr-2014


NSL Installed in AD mode with Citrix option
Citrix Xen Desktop Server v 7.x
Win2008 R2 server
Citrix Receiver 4.1.x installed on workstations


SecureLogin files remain open on Citrix server after user closes published app
SLWTS, SLBroker64, SLWinsso64, SLDotnetsso64 do not close on the Citrix server after user closes application
Citrix connection held open after users close published  applications by clicking the “X” in the application's top right corner 
SecureLogin process slwts.exe appears to hang the user's Citrix connection
Manually killing slwts.exe through task manager closes the connection
Problem does not occur if user gracefully logs off of Citrix Receiver by clicking logout button
Problem began after upgrade to  Citrix Xen Desktop Server v 7.x.
Problem did not occur with Citrix Presentation Server 4.5.7 on windows 2003 server


Add slbroker64.exe, slwinsso64.exe and sldotnetsso64.exe to the list of SecureLogin processes found in the following registry key:


The list in "LogoffCheckSysModules" should include the follows SecureLogin executables:


Citrix has a list of executables to which it will send a “close message” when a Citrix published application is closed.  This list was not updated to include 64 bit SecureLogin executables after migrating from a 32 bit Win2003 server.