iManager error after adding BCC load / unload scripts

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  • 03-Apr-2014
  • 03-Apr-2014


Novell Business Continuity Clustering
Novell Cluster Services
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 1


iManager error after applying the BCC load / unload scripts.  You can no longer manage the cluster 
resource in iManager after adding the scripts.  
Error:  An error occurred while managing the clustering software. Reason:
java.lang.NullPointerException. Click the "More Info" button below for the full
stack trace.

More info shows this:  
    at com.novell.ncs.managelib.NCSBuildManageCmd.XMLCheckTagAndResult(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.managelib.NCSBuildManageCmd.XMLWriteThenRead(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.managelib.BCCBuildXMLCmd.getBCCResourceInfo(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.BCCCfgMgmt.getBCCResourceInformation(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.BCCCfgMgmt.getBCCResourceInformation(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.NCSObjectProperties.setupBccPage(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.NCSObjectProperties.buildResourcePage(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.NCSObjectProperties.buildPage(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.NCSCfgMgmt.buildResourcePropertiesPage(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.ncs.gadgets.NCSMgmt.NCSMainMgmt.execute(Unknown Source)
    at com.novell.nps.gadgetManager.BaseGadgetInstance.processRequest(


You can manually delete the following attributes on the cluster resource object. 
NCS:BCC Load Settings  (BCC load script attribute)
NCS:BCC Unload Settings (BCC unload script attribute)

Update was made in the SLES sblim-sfcb package which has a buffer related fix which seems to have resolved the issue.  Fixed version: sblim-sfcb-1.3.11-0.23.2 (SLES11SP2)

Once the fix has been applied and attributes deleted, you can try add the BCC load / unload scripts again through iManager.