Configuring users on Mobility startup is slow

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  • 28-Mar-2014
  • 09-Jun-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


Configuring users on Mobility start-up is slow, taking an excessive amount of time.
Slow performance of user configuration when Mobility service is starting or starts.
With many users, it can take more than an hour to configure all the users before users receive mail.


Follow the steps listed below for GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0.1
  1. Download and extract gwsoap.pyc from
  2. Type rcgms stop and press Enter
  3. Browse to /opt/novell/datasync/syncengine/connectors/groupwise/lib/ and rename gwsoap.pyc  to gwsoap.old
  4. Copy the extracted gwsoap.pyc to the above location and restart GMS by typing rcgms start and press Enter


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