Sentinel Control Center takes a long time to start if no Internet access

  • 7014806
  • 26-Mar-2014
  • 09-Apr-2014


NetIQ Sentinel 7.0 Sentinel Control Center


Sentinel Control Center takes a very long time to start up on systems that are located on managed networks with no Internet access. Start up can take over 15 minutes and appears to hang on "Verifying application" but eventually does continue and loads up successfully.


Open the Java Control Panel and on the Advanced tab change the setting "Perform certificate revocation checks on" to "Do not check".


From the 7u25 release notes 

"Under normal circumstances revocation checking will have a slight impact on startup performance for applets and web start applications. Enterprises with managed networks and without access to the Internet (resulting in no access to the revocation services provided by Certificate Authorities) will see a significant delay in startup times.

To avoid such delay, they may choose to disable on line revocation checking through the JCP. Note that disabling on line revocation checking should only be considered in managed environments as it decreases security protections."