ZENworks 11.3.0a Windows 8.1 Update

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  • 26-Mar-2014
  • 06-May-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.0a
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.0


What’s New in Windows 8.1 Update for ZENworks (11 SP3) 11.3.0a

This release includes the following support.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
Firefox version 26.0 and 27.0 (including any patches) on Windows and Linux devices.

Defects addressed:
Bug 870079 - Authentication passthrough fails on windows 8 after agent update from 11.3 to 11.3_Windows 8.1.
Bug 859860 - Win8.1: Operating System information displayed incorrectly in ZCC Discovery & deployment pages.
Bug 869379 - Imaging Configuration files not restoring after system udpate to 11.3.0_Win8.1
Bug 841566 - Device boots into BSOD after agent uninstall and System Update


ZENworks 11.3.0a Windows8.1 Update and Readme

Additional Information

See the update readme  https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=V9kALnvzzjg~ for compatibility, reboot behavior and known limitations.  Do not deploy this update until all Primary Servers and Satellites in the zone have been upgraded to 11SP3.
This update includes support for the following products
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro
Firefox version 26.0 and 27.0 (including any patches) on Windows and Linux devices.
System Requirements:
ZENworks Configuration Management 11 SP3. See Update Readme for compatibility matrix, reboot behavior and known limitations.After downloading the zip file, it is strongly recommended that you compare the MD5 checksum for the file with the one shown on the Novell Downloads page, before attempting to deploy.

If you have already downloaded the ZENworks_11.3.0_Windows8.1_Update.zip and deployed it to your ZONE , you do not need to download the ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip. Instead, you must apply the ZCM_11.3.0_WIN8.1_Patch_841566.zip FTF. For more information, see TID 7014897 https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7014897

If you have not deployed the ZENworks_11.3.0_Windows8.1_Update.zip to your ZONE, then you need to download and deploy the ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip.

Do not deploy this update until all Primary Servers and Satellites in the zone have been upgraded to ZENworks 11 SP3.  This update requires schema changes to be made to the database. As such, only one primary server should have its services running during the initial patch installation so that other primaries are not trying to access the tables being changed in the database.  After the first server has been updated, the remaining servers can restart their services and apply the update simultaneously.

Do not apply the "Windows 8.1 Update for ZENworks (11 SP3)" to those managed devices that have been updated earlier to "Update for ZENworks (11 SP3)" using the rebootless agent option and have not been rebooted yet. It is mandatory to reboot the managed device at least once before updating it to "Windows 8.1 Update for ZENworks (11 SP3)" 

Importing the Update
Download ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip from this update.
  1. Copy the zip file to one of the ZENworks servers in the Zone. (if System Update is configured to use a “Dedicated System Update Server”, use this server for the import). Do not unzip the file.

    For example:
    On Linux, copy the zip file t
    o /tmp
    On Windows, copy the zip file to %ZENWORKS_HOME%

  2. Using a command prompt on the ZENworks server where you copied the zip file in step 2, run the command
    zman sui
    [path to zip file]
    For details, run the command
    zman sui --help
For example on Windows:
zman sui "C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip"
For example on Linux:
zman sui /tmp/ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip

  1. The zman sui command should report: "The update(s) contained in "[path to file]" ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip will begin importing shortly. You may use ZCC to track the status of your import".
  2. In ZENworks Control Center, navigate to Configuration > System Updates and monitor the status of "ZENworks_11.3.0a_Windows8.1_Update.zip", until it shows "Downloaded"
  3. After the Update is imported, it needs to replicate to all content servers.  This replication can be tracked by navigating to Windows 8.1 Update for ZENworks > Replication Status.
  4. Continue to Deployment AFTER replication is 100% on all content servers.
  1. First create a deployment and assign the update to all the Primary Servers. Once the Primaries are finished updating.
  2. Create a second deployment and assign it to all your Satellites. Once the Satellites have finished upgrading, agents can then be updated.
  3. For agent that are ZENworks 10.3.4 or later, this update is cummalitive and when deployed will update the agents directly to 11.3.0a Windows 8.1 Update.  See the update readme for limitations and reboot behavior. 

Additional Installation Notes:

Bundle and Regkeys.zip is provided specifically for an issue when upgrading a Windows 8 OS device to Windows 8.1 OS that already has the ZENworks Windows 8.1 Update applied will cause a registry entry to change affecting Picture Password and Smart Card Authentication.  A bundle export has been added that can be deployed to address this scenario.

To import the bundle into ZCC

1. Download the patch and extract the contents to a temporary folder.

2. Execute the following command on one of the primary servers to create the bundle that can be used to add the registry keys to Windows 8.1 OS managed devices :
zman bc ZCM_11.3_Windows8.1_CASA_Patch ZCM_11.3_Windows8.1_CASA_Patch.xml

3. Once the bundle "ZCM_11.3_Windows8.1_CASA_Patch" is created, assign the bundle to the upgraded windows 8.1 manage devices.

Note : The bundle will trigger a reboot after applying the patch on the device.