How to apply wildcard certificates to Novell Filr

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  • 20-Mar-2014
  • 08-Sep-2016


Novell Filr


How to apply or install wildcard certificates to Filr
Use 3rd party wildcard certificate in Filr
Wildcard has already been created


Create a pkcs12 file to import into Filr as a new key pair:
  1. Verify the following are available: private key, public certificate (wildcard), any trusted authority certificate chain files. If necessary, obtain these files from the trusted certificate authority.
  2. Verify the public certificate (wildcard) and private key are a pair: See TID 7015500
  3. Remove the encryption from the private key, to be stored in the pkcs12 with the following command:
    openssl rsa -in <private key> -out nopass.key
  4. Create the pkcs12 file with the following command:
    openssl pkcs12 -inkey nopass.key -in <public certificate> -export -out Filr_Keypair.pkcs12

    Note: Enter a password that will be used to encrypt the pkcs12 file.
  5. Import the pkcs12 file into Filr:
    • Log into Filr Appliance and select Appliance System Configuration | Digital Certificates
    • Change the key store to: Web Application Certificates
    • Import the pkcs12 into Filr
      • Select File | Import | Key Pair
      • Browse to the pkcs12 file, and press OK
    • Set the key pair active
      • Select the imported Key Pair
      • Click Set as Active
    • Import any root or intermediate certificates as trusted certificates
      • Select File | Import | Trusted Certificate
      • Browse to the certificate file, and select OK
    • Update the certificate chain
      • Select the imported key pair
      • Select Update Certificate Chain
  6. Restart the Filr appliance:
    • Log into Filr Appliance and select Appliance System Configuration
    • Select Reboot and press OK

Additional Information

openssl commands can be ran from any location where installed, including the Filr server