Editing files using LibreOffice does not release file lock

  • 7014771
  • 20-Mar-2014
  • 01-Dec-2014


Novell Filr 1.0.1
SUSE LibreOffice


When a user chooses to Edit a file via the Filr Web UI (File > View details > Edit This File) via WebDAV and uses LibreOffice, the lock placed by LibreOffice on the file is not released even after the user is done editing the file. This causes any subsequent requests to edit that file in an error stating the file is locked.


A patch is available to correct this problem for Novell Filr 1.0.1. Please contact Novell Technical Support with reference to this TID and request the patch.

Important Note:
Since LibreOffice never issues an explicit UNLOCK after the user is done editing, it leaves behind a file LOCK with a 3 minute expiration time. Any subsequent requests to edit the same file before the initial lock time expires (including those from the same user) will NOT work. However, any attempts to edit the file after the lock has expired will work.

Additional Information

LibreOffice is NOT issuing any UNLOCK command at all, only LOCK. When it issues a LOCK, it requests 180 seconds lock duration, which means that the lock is supposed to expire in 3 minutes. When user A finishes editing a file with LibreOffice and exits, it leaves the previous lock in Filr instead of issuing an UNLOCK command. This results in an expired lock on the file in Filr.

Current Filr code does not allow the same user to place another lock on the file which has an expired lock on it which results in this problem.