SNMP monitoring with Novell Filr

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  • 20-Mar-2014
  • 24-Mar-2014


Novell Filr


How to / Is it possible to monitor the Filr server with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)?
Are there any Management Information Base (MIB) document files for the Filr Appliance?


The SNMP modules are available on the appliance, as they were put there in case anyone would like to use them. Some may have a full infrastructure using SNMP for all monitoring in their environment and Ganglia would not be an acceptable solution; however, there is no documentation on our support statement with using SNMP with Novell Filr. While Novell doesn't test with SNMP, it is there for those that know how to.

At the time of writing this TID, there are no Management Information Base (MIB) document files provided for the Filr Appliance. This has been reported to Engineering as an Enhancement Request.


Reported to Engineering