Make Certificates last more than 2 years

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  • 12-Mar-2014
  • 18-Mar-2014


NetIQ eDirectory
NetIQ iManager


Default certificate last more than two years 
Would like certificates not to expire so often
Need to make custom certificate


The maximum validity for any default eDirectory certificate is based strictly on the validity period of the Certificate Authority.  Certificates cannot last longer than the validity period of the Certificate Authority
The steps to create a certificate that will last longer than the 2 year default:
1. -Log into iManager
2. In roles and tasks go to Novell Certificate Server
3. Click create server certificate
4. Now select the server that needs the new certificate
 Name the certificate something easy to remember to know what the certificate is used for (it can also be named the same as any default certificate)
5. Check Custom on the creation method
6. Click Next
7. Leave Organizational certificate authority checked
8. Click Next
9. Leave everything on this step 3 page as is
10. Click next
11. Now on this page you can change the validity period to the maximum
12. Click Next
13. On this page leave your organization's certificate checked
14. Click Next
15. Click Finish