Image capture fails with error message "Failed:C:\Windows\Boot\EFI"

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  • 06-Mar-2014
  • 28-Apr-2016


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 12.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11.x


Migrate expects a folder named C:\Windows\Boot\EFI to be present in the source server for exporting content for future use. The folder is not present in Windows 32-bit operating systems earlier
than Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista, so when Migrate exports BCD information to the folder, the operation fails with the error:
Error message: Failed: C:\Windows\Boot\EFI


Create the C:\Windows\Boot\EFI folder, then create a Directory Junction under C:\Windows for C:\Windows\System32.

Below steps describe needs to followed on the source workload (32 bit OS) for Capture Image action.

1. Create Folder EFI under C:\Windows\Boot
2. Create Directory Junction named sysnative under C:\Windows for Target

Create Folder EFI under C:\Windows\Boot:

- Taking OwnerShip of Folder:
1. Locate C:\Windows\Boot to Take Ownership in windows explorer.
2. Right click on folder and select “Properties” from Context Menu.
3. Click on Security tab.
4. Click on “Advance”.
5. Now click on Owner tab in Advance Security Settings for User windows.
6. Click on Edit Button and select user from given Change Owner to list if user or group is not in given list then click on other users or groups. Enter name of user/group and click OK.
7. Now select User/group and click apply and ok. (Check “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” if the files and folder within selected folder is present)
8. Click ok when Windows Security Prompt is displayed.
9. Owner name must have changed.
10.Click Ok to exit from Properties windows.

-Granting Permissions to that folder:

1. Right click on file or folder and select “Properties” from Context Menu
2. Click on Edit button in Properties windows Click ok to confirm UAC elevation request.
3. Select user/group from permission windows or click add to add other user or group.
4. Under Permission section check the rights to grant permission i.e., check “Full Control” under the “Allow” column to assign full access rights control permissions to Administrators group.
5. Click OK for changes to take effect when exit the Properties window.
6. Navigate to C:\Windows\Boot folder and create New folder named "EFI"

-Create Directory Junction under C:\Windows for C:\Windows\System32:

1. Open Command Processor with administrator privileges.
2. Run the following command.

   MKLINK /J C:\Windows\sysnative C:\Windows\System32

Note: change the drive letter based on which drive Windows is installed.


UEFI is supported on Windows 2008/Vista and later operating systems. As per the current design, Migrate expect a folder "C:\Windows\Boot\EFI" to be present in source server for exporting content for future use. However, it is not in earlier Windows 32 bit versions.

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