Unable to create a connection to the MSSQL Audit Database server when launching ZENworks 11.3 installer in CLI mode

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  • 05-Mar-2014
  • 06-Mar-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3 Installation 
Microsoft SQL Database Server
Suse Linux Enterprise Server
Redhat Enterprise Server


The following error message is displayed during the installation procedure after the installer has requested for the Database username and Microsoft Domain name is left blank:
"We were unable to create a connection to the database. Please check your connection information."

This may occur if the following are true:

1. New ZENworks Installation launched in Command Line Interface (CLI) mode
2. Create new ZENworks database
3. Use existing Audit Database
4. Use SQL authentication to connect to Audit database


1. ZENworks installer can be launched in Graphical User Interface Mode (GUI). Keep in consideration that Linux Server must be booted on level 5 to successfully launch GUI installation.
2. If Microsoft SQL Server is part of a Microsoft Domain then run the installer using Command Line Interface (CLI) Program and use Domain Authentication instead of SQL Authentication during the Audit Database Configuration section of the installer.


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Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:
1. Create an Audit Database on Microsoft SQL Database Server using Microsoft SQL Management Studio
2. Run the ZENworks installer using Command Line Interface (CLI) issuing the command ./setup.sh -e
3. When installer requests the option to manage ZENworks database select the option named "Create Database"
4. When the installer requests the option to manage the ZENworks Audit database  select the option named "Use existing database"