Conversion failed at step Prepare OS to Boot with error Source sequence is empty

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  • 26-Feb-2014
  • 28-Apr-2016


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 12.x
NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11.x


The conversion of a UEFI workload (Windows 6.2 and above kernel versions) to BIOS-based machine fails at the Preparing OS step because the active partition cannot be found to update boot parameters.
Error: Source sequence is empty


Update the partition type of Disk as MBR where the system volume is present in either the source workload or the image. Use Export and Import of UI options or OFX Browser to edit the XML.

To support moving Source UEFI workloads to BIOS based physical machine, follow the below steps.

1. Export source machine as XML using Migrate client.
2. Edit the XML file using Text Editor
3. Locate and correct the property "partitionTableType" as "MBR" for the "DiskDrive" that has system partition present and Save the changes.
3. Import the XML back into Migrate Server using Client.
4. Run X2P conversion.


The partition table type value is incorrect or empty.

Additional Information

To find the DiskDrive that has System Partition:

1. Search "windowsDirectory" tag and get the System Drive Letter (For example: "C:").
2. Search the volume using the drive letter.
3. Get the partition name from the volume found in Step 2. (For Example: \disk0\partition3\)
4. Search for "DiskDrive" with the partition name found in Step 3.