Job diagnostics display garbled text information on the browser

  • 7014624
  • 25-Feb-2014
  • 05-Mar-2014


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11


This article describes on how to correct garbled information displayed after generating diagnostics of any given job.


Follow one of the below options to resolve this issue:
- Change the webpage encoding from UTF-8 to server language Shift-JIS: 
  1. Go to Internet Explorer options via Control Panel
  2. Select Advanced Settings tab
  3. Navigate to Browsing, UTF-8 and un-check the box.
  4. Restart Internet Explorer and review the diagnostics XML.
- Change Operating System locale settings for non-unicode program to select correct language:
  1. Go to Control Panel and open Region and Language settings
  2. Choose Change System Locale 
  3. Use scroll button to select the language corresponding to the one installed with Migrate Server.


Browser settings does not match with the correct encoding due to localized environment.