Diagnostic HTML generation failed

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  • 25-Feb-2014
  • 05-Mar-2014


NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11


This article describes on how to workaround an error displayed while trying to generate diagnostics for investigation of a failed or completed job.

Error: Diagnostic HTML generation failed

Error: Diagnostics page fails to load


The below workaround steps is an alternative way to obtain the Diagnostics XML in case of diagnostics generation fails with respect to localized environments.

1. Click on the link 'Generate Diagnostics' in the Migrate client. A new tuple record is created in the "Diagnosticreports" table of Migrate database.

2. The "Diagnosticreports" tuple records the error information. Follow the below procedure to obtain this error information:

  •    a) Log onto Database (using SQL Management Studio)
  •    b) Navigate to the database "portabilitysuite"
  •    c) Execute a query "Select * from [portabilitysuite].[dbo].[DiagnosticReports]"
  •    d) The Path field in the result will provide the location of Diagnostics XML

3. Go to the below location to identify the Diagnostic Report:

   C:\Program Files (x86)\PlateSpin Migrate Server\Web\Diagnostics\<job guid>

   Note: <job guid> value can be obtained from the "jobId" field of the query result obtained.


This issue is caused due to localization.