JBOSS_INIT Script not executing on Red Hat

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  • 24-Feb-2014
  • 11-Mar-2014


NetIQ Identity Manager 4.0
NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module
RedHat Linux Enterprise Server 6.x


After executing the "jboss_init start" command the jboss server would not run on RHEL 6.x with Userapp 4.0.2.


Manually change the three instances of JBOSS_USER with JBOSSUS then execute the script.


The jboss_init script that ships with Community Edition has a variable called JBOSS_USER but it is not defined.  The defined variable is JBOSSUS for the user "RUNASIS".

The jboss_init script is the default script that ships with jboss community edition and is not modified by NetIQ.

Additional Information

If not already there add the jboss_init script to server startup with chkconfig command.