LM.Detection versus analyze

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  • 21-Feb-2014
  • 21-Feb-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


What is the difference between LM.Detection and analyze executables for ZPM Patch detection?


11.2.3 introduced the new scanning technology - Vega.  

LM.Detection.exe (Vega) scans ospx files for fingerprint.  Analyze.exe uses pls files for fingerprint.

In ZCC Patch Details, patches marked as LSACv2 or LSACv3 use LM.Detection for patch status detection.  Others use analyze.exe for detection. 

Analyze.exe also works in conjunction with LM.Detection in that LM.Detection will call into analyze to read the native scan registry and create the .state file, but this is not for the actual fingerprint detection technology.