"Computer Only Logon if Not Connected" feature is not working with NAM SSL VPN

  • 7014598
  • 20-Feb-2014
  • 30-Nov-2015


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows
Novell Access Manager SSL VPN
The Novell Client "Computer Only Logon if Not Connected" policy is enabled


The Novell Client "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" policy will evaluate the available network interfaces to see which network they are connected to (i.e. Public, Work, Home), and skip attempting to authenticate if the network is configured. This is not working when one of the networks interfaces is a NAM SSL VPN adapter.

User sees long delay before "Tree or server not found" message is displayed.


As SSLVPN / J2EE is no longer supported, this bug will not be fixed.


Install the virtual driver every time you login to the VPN, and uninstall it when you logout. i.e. During selective logout, uninstall the client/driver (using an option in UI while logging out) and then during the login, you will be prompted to install the driver again.


A Novell Credential Provider log shows the adapter as never being initialized (even after increasing the "Connected Network Timeout" to a value such as 120 seconds), so the Novell Client cannot determine which network it belong to. The Client's logic is, "if the network an adapter belongs to cannot be identified, attempt to login." Since the other adapters aren't able to connect to a Novell resource and the VPN isn't up (and couldn't if it were), the user experiences a long delay before seeing the "Tree or server not found" error. They can then do a "Computer Only" logon to Windows.

If the Novell VPN is removed and another (third party) VPN client is installed instead, the process works fine, and the Credential Provider log shows that the VPN adapter as not present. The third-party VPN network doesn't come into the picture until the user tries to access the VPN resources later on, as within a browser.