Troubleshooting monthly PRU update

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  • 13-Feb-2014
  • 12-Jun-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks Asset Management


PRU will not download, install, or merge.  Below are some general steps to follow that fix many of these issues.


Please follow the steps below in order.

1) Remove the PRU from ZCC -> Configuration -> System Updates -> Available System Updates

2) Run zman sudu to remove the currently installed PRU and the PRU that was attempted to install.  For example, if March PRU is installed and the April PRU was attempted, run zman sudu "Mar 2014 PRU" and zman sudu "Apr 2014 PRU"

3) In ZCC go to Bundles.  At the end of the URL, add &uid=/System  This will show the System Bundles page.  Click on System Bundles folder.  It will have a list of Knowledge Base Files.  Remove all Knowledge Base Files in this list.

4) In the database, run the query select PRUVersion, LMPRUVersion from NC_Pru.  Both entries should be identical.  If they are not, please contact Novell Support to troubleshoot further.

5) In ZCC, go to Configuration -> System Updates.  Clear out any entries listed in the Deploying System Updates section.

6) Manually download the current PRU from  Check the MD5 checksum to verify the download.  Then follow the readme to apply it using the zman sui command.

7) In ZCC -> Configuration -> System Updates, the PRU should appear.  Wait for it to finish downloading, then apply it as normal.

8) Progress can be seen in ZCC -> Configuration -> Asset Inventory -> Knowledge Base Status section.  Do NOT stop services or remove the PRU before this is finished.  The full process can take over an hour or two for it to apply and merge. It also frequently hangs at certain percentages of completion.  Let it run as long as it does not show an error.


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