Charting and Information Portlet behavior

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  • 10-Feb-2014
  • 10-Feb-2014


NetIQ Operations Center 5.0 PB8


This TID explains some expected behavior for the Dashboard's Charting portlet and charting in the Information Portlet.


Missing Metric


Metrics can be missing from a chart for the following reasons:


  • A metric is deleted in the management system (for example , AppManager)
  • A service model is deleted in Operations Systems and its metrics are no longer accessible
  • An adapter is offline


When any of the above happens, the following occurs in the Charting portlet:


  • The metric disappears from the chart and the element/metric name(s) are removed from the Basic tab in the left configuration panel.  If the page is manually refreshed, the metric shows with a red (!) icon.
  • A red  (!) icon displays next to the metric in the Manage Elements wizard.

When any of the above happens, the following occurs in the Information portlet:


  • The metric disappears from the chart.
  • The metric continues to display in the metric selector list until the page is refreshed.


Charting Count Metrics (Child Condition Counts & Alarm Severity Counts)


In order to chart metrics providing a count-type summary (Child Condition Counts, Alarm Severity Counts), the chart must reserve 7 metric slots when allocating room in the chart and before adding any more metrics. Therefore, because we limit the chart to 10,  in this instance the chart can only include 1 count metric and 3 non-count metrics...for a total of 4 metrics. A Not all metrics appear  message displays at the bottom of the chart.