Communication problems with Hyper-V ZCM server.

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  • 07-Feb-2014
  • 07-Feb-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2
Microsoft Hyper-V Server Windows 2008 R2


System update unable fails on devices with Web exception in system-update.log.
Device is unable to build the update-commands.xml file.
Servers are marked "status: Bad" in zmd-messages.log.
ZCM policies are not making it to the device.
LAN traces show the agent terminating the connection.


Disabling the following “Advanced” networking options addressed the issue:
IPV4 Checksum Offload
Large Send Offload (IPv4)
TCP Checksum Offload (IPV4)
UDP Checksum Offload (IPV4)

Please consult Microsoft for further insight into these settings.