Sending from mobile devices does not display clear text when viewing from the GroupWise Client

  • 7014507
  • 05-Feb-2014
  • 12-May-2014


Groupwise Clients
Mobility 2.0 Build 429


When sending email from a mobile device and viewing from a GroupWise client, it will not display clear text in the body of the message.

Plain text missing while sending email from device.



This is a known bug that will be resolved in future releases.
A hotfix is available for this until then and is only intended for use on Mobility 2.0 server running the 429 build.

File can be downloaded from here:

Instructions for install
The file belongs in
  1. Navigate to: /opt/novell/datasync/syncengine/connectors/mobility/lib/device
  2. Make a backup of the original smartReply.pyc by typing: mv smartReply.pyc smartReply.old
  3. Move the file bug-861947_smartReply.pyc into the location in step one and rename the file by typing: mv bug-861947_smartReply.pyc smartReply.pyc
  4. Once the file is in place, stop the connectors by going to https://mobilityserver:8120 and restart the mobility agents.