QuickCalls list do not shows Service Request types

  • 7014506
  • 05-Feb-2014
  • 25-Feb-2014


Novell Service Desk  Appliance 7.0.2
NSD for Incident Management license.


Steps to reproduce: 

Install NSD appliance 7.0.2.
Install NSD for Incident Management license.

Now try to make a Quick Calls with Process = Service Request.
Once finished check the Quick Call list you won't see it, but it's available
and if you look in the DB it's present.


The NSD for Incident Management license modyfies a record in DB.
You can correct it with a workaround:

update filter set where_clause = ' where template.deleted != 1 and template.scheduled != 1 and template.groupOnly = 0' where name = 'QuickCalls';


Reported to Engineering