Mobility 2.0 server sends frequently system notification emails without apparent reasons.

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  • 31-Jan-2014
  • 31-Jan-2014


Novell Mobility Server 2.x


You have activated system and service notifications to be send into specified mailbox. Mobility system starts sending regularly notification mails about various parts of Mobility components are not synced / running although the status of GMS services shows that all is loaded and running fine.


A Linux server running Mobility drifts time-wise forward over a time period showing server local time ahead of GroupWise Post Office servers. This triggers then notification emails.
Configure and use NTP server on the Linux server and correct a local server time, then restart GMS service. 
For XEN virtual machines, please, check the parameter "independent_wallclock" and set to 1. Few ways to set it is in examples bellow:
  •  From a root prompt on the VM, type the command: echo 1 > /proc/sys/xen/independent_wallclock.
  • This can be persisted across reboots by changing the/etc/sysctl.conf configuration file and adding
# Set independent wall clock time
  • As a third alternative, the independent_wallclock=1 may also be passed as a boot parameter to the VM.