Working with different staging groups in SMT

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  • 28-Jan-2014
  • 21-Jul-2014


Subscription Management Tool 10
Subscription Management Tool 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


You have decided to use more than one staging group, using the following commands in your SMT server:
smt-staging creategroup GROUP-AA TEST-AA PROD-AA
smt-staging createrepo --group TEST-AA --testing
smt-staging createrepo --group PROD-AA --production

The exit of the command:
smt-staging listgroups
might look like this:

List of available Staging Groups
| ID | Name      | Testing Directory Name | Production Directory Name |
|  1 | default   | testing                |                        |
|  2 | GROUP-AA  | TEST-AA                | PROD-AA                |

You want to use any of the directories under the different groups, and not just with the default group.


Modifying the "register" line in the /etc/suseRegister.conf file (in the server you want to register) to:
register = command=register&namespace=testing
register = command=register&namespace=PROD-AA
register = command=register&namespace=TEST-AA

will allow you to work with any of the desided options.

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