Support for Apple VPP Token Managed Apps

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  • 23-Jan-2014
  • 08-Sep-2015


Novell ZENworks Mobile Management 2.8.0
Novell ZENworks Mobile Management 2.9.0 and above
Apple Volume Purchase Program Apps


What capabilities of the Apple Volume Purchase Program are supported by ZMM (ZENworks Mobile Management)?


In ZMM 2.8 or below, ZMM only supported the redemption codes feature of the Apple Volume Purchase Program, but not the token feature.

As of ZMM 2.9, both the redemption code and token features of the Apple Volume Purchase Program are supported on qualifying devices.

Additional Information

Information about configuring the redemption codes feature in ZMM 2.8 can be found under the "Managing Application Redemption Codes" section in the Administering an Organization document.

Information about configuring both VPP tokens and redemption codes can be found under "Administering an Organization" in the current ZMM documentation at .