Differentiating between similar URLs with SecureLogin

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  • 22-Jan-2014
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Unable to make SecureLogin distinguish between two similar URLs 
SecureLogin can't tell difference between pages within the same domain 
SecureLogin Wizard will not create second application for second page in domain 
How to get SecureLogin to use one set of credentials for  "http://SomeLongURL/something"  and another set of credentials for "http://SomeLongURL/somethingElse"


Create one appplication for both URLs as follows:

1. Use the SecureLogin Wizard to create a basic login for one of the URLs

2. On the “matching criteria” page select the option for using Wizard generated rules.

3. Select (double click) the rule for matching on exact name

4. Select the option to match exact URL.  
You should now have a SecureLogin application that works for the first URL.

5. Add additional user name and password credentials for the second URL 

6. In manage logins, click the box to  “Convert to Application Definition” 

7. Copy the “Login” sections of the application definition script and paste so that you now have duplicate entries in the application definition. 

8.  Edit the new section for the second URL and credential set, something like this

## BeginSection: "Login Form for First URL"
Site "Something's Log in" -initial
MatchForm #1 (whatever else the Wizard finds)
MatchURL "http://SomeLongURL/something "

SetPrompt "Username:"
Type $username #1
SetPrompt "Password:"
Type $password #2
Click #6
## EndSection: "Login Form"

## BeginSection: "Login Form for  Second  URL"
Site "Something's Log in" -initial
MatchForm #1 (or whatever else the Wizard inserts)
MatchURL "http://SomeLongURL/somethingElse"

SetPrompt "Username:"
Type $usernameSecond #1
SetPrompt "Password:"
Type $passwordSecond #2
Click #6
## EndSection: "Login Form"

This takes care of the section for the "initial" login.  Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the “recent” and “subsequent” sections.

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