Satellite Imaging broken after update

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  • 17-Jan-2014
  • 17-Jan-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Imaging
Microsoft Windows 7 Satellite Server
Microsoft Windows XP Satellite Server


After applying the ZENworks 11.2.4 update to a satellite imaging throws the following error
"Could not find the ZENworks Repository"

Checking C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\share\tftp\boot on the satellite shows only setting.txt.bak files. The settings.txt is missing.


1. Go to C:\Program Files\novell\zenworks\share\tftp\boot on the satellite and move all existing settings.txt files to the desktop (including any .bak files)
2. Copy the new settings.txt from a primary server (C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\share\preboot\update) over to the satellite (C:\Program Files\Novell\Zenworks\share\tftp\boot)
3. Restart the two Novell imaging services on the satellite:
Novell Preboot Policy Service
Novell Preboot Service


The update moves the existing settings.txt to a .bak file, but fails to apply the new settings.txt.