How to turn on DEBUG for categories in NOC Dashboard

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  • 16-Jan-2014
  • 05-Feb-2014


NetIQ Operations Center 5.0 and greater.


NOC Support has requested activation of debug  messages for specific code categories for NOC Dashboard to help diagnose or troubleshoot Dashboard problems/errors.


Packaged with the NOC Dashboard product is a javascript file named 'utils.jsp'.  It is this file that will be accessed via entering the following as the URL:



This will produce a screen that shows more instructions on how to specifically use this category:

usage: utils.jsp?action=loglevel&category=<categoryname>&level=<debuglevel>

utils.jsp?action=loglevel&category=all - Display all the current categories.

Default level is set to DEBUG

For example, if the category "com.mosol.liferay.authenticator.MOAuth" needed to be set to DEBUG, the URL would need to be:

This will produce the message:
Set log level for "com.mosol.liferay.authenticator.MOAuth" to DEBUG

Debug messages for this code category will now start appearing in the dashboard.trc file. 

It is important that any categories set to DEBUG are reset to INFO to avoid filling the Dashboard.trc files needlessly after the debug information has been gathered and sent to NOC Support: