How to disable the SecureLogin Wizard

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  • 09-Jan-2014
  • 09-Jan-2014


Novell SecureLogin
NetIQ SecureLogin
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How to disable prompts for new SecureLogin applications
After single sign on (sso) is configured for desired pages and applications, how do you prevent the wizard from popping up


This can be done through the SecureLogin management utilities.  Depending on the directory, use either iManager, MMC, or SLManager to disable the wizard for specific users, groups, organizations, GPOs, etc.  To disable the wizard on individual workstations us the "Manage Logins" which can be selected by right-clicking the SecureLogin "hand" icon in the system tray.

Screen shot from iManager (MMC and SLManager look the same):

Screen shot from Manage Logins: