ldap error code 12: Unavailable Critical extension error importing users into iPrint Appliance

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  • 08-Jan-2014
  • 08-Jan-2014


iPrint Appliance 1.0.1


When importing users thru ldap from edirectory into the iPrint Appliance the error "ldap error code 12: Unavailable Critical extension" is displayed and users are not imported


Update the source edirectory server version to 8.8.x or higher.


iPrint uses ldap control string, 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319 (pagedResultsControl) to allow huge users/groups to be imported into the appliance. This ldap control string is supported on edirectory version 8.8.x and higher. Customer was running edirectory version 8.7.1 on his production environment. This version is not longer supported and it does not understand the ldap string hence the error.

Additional Information

Documentation has been updated to include the minimum edirectory version requirement on source edirectory server to be 8.8.x or higher.