ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) > Patch Management > Patches page is empty

  • 7014327
  • 19-Dec-2013
  • 08-May-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks Patch Management


ZCC > Patch Management > Patches page is empty.
Error:  "PPX_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE_KEY" is seen in the loader-messages.log, in the file /var/log/messages, and in ZENworks Control Center (ZCC) > Configuration > System Information > Refresh log.
The novell.plk files are verified all good files.
Volume space appears ok.


Remove directories from /tmp (that were not cleaned up at some point in the past).


OS file system limit (ext3, 30,000+ in /tmp) for number of directories has been reached.
Volume space is ok, but folder count limit has been reached.

Additional Information

cabextract cannot successfully extract to the /tmp directory the newly downloaded patches.
Error:  "PPX_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE_KEY" is seen because a patch cannot be found or successfully extracted to the /tmp directory.  It does not necessarily mean the novell.plk files are bad, though the error can also be seen if the novell.plk file(s) are bad (see TID 7013073 'Can't download or cache patches').
For details on file systems and behavior: