Datasync monitor service does not start after reboot of the server.

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  • 18-Dec-2013
  • 18-Dec-2013


GroupWise Mobility Server 2.0 


After you reboot a Linux server you find out that Dashboard part of webadmin console does not show data. Checking what process were started via rcgms status command shows that gms monitor part was not started. With rcgms restart command all parts get started fine.


On some Linux installation datasync-monitorengine is not enabled to start after reboot of the server.
Please, start on the server YAST2 -> System -> System Services (Runlevel).
Scroll down till you see datasync-monitorengine service listed.
Change Runlevel services configuration tool view from Simple Mode into Expert Mode. There are radio-buttons in upper part of the tool window to change the view.
Highlight a line of the datasync-monitorengine service and in a section bellow select runlevels where this service shall start - for instance, 3 and 5.
From Set/Reset drop-down menu option on a right side select Enable the service option.
Confirm all changes.
If you now return to the same place - Runlevel tool, the datasync-monitorengine will be listed as enabled and it will auto-start with a next restart of the server.