How to upload Mobility log files to Novell

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  • 17-Dec-2013
  • 26-Jun-2014


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0
Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack


How to send or upload Mobility log files to Novell's FTP


Download dsapp to fetch and upload log files automatically:

  1. See TID 7015282  - How to install dsapp on a Mobility server.
    Note: Once dsapp is loaded, proceed with the steps below.
  2. Select Logs | Upload Logs
  3. Enter y for Grab log files
  4. Provide the SR# for the filename of the upload.
    Note: The name of the compressed file containing relevant log files is displayed:
  5. Enter y for Do you want to upload the logs to Novell?
    Note: If connection to ftp fails, the port may be blocked. In this case, email the compressed file noted in Step 4 to a Novell Technical Engineer instead. Otherwise, if the upload was successful, the remote path to the uploaded file is displayed:
    Uploaded to Novell:

Additional Information

Please note that the filename contains an appended timestamp: