Provisioning Healthcheck oscillates between GREEN and YELLOW when large volume of users imported

  • 7014303
  • 17-Dec-2013
  • 17-Dec-2013


NetIQ Cloud Manager 1.5
NetIQ Cloud Manager 2.0
NetIQ Cloud Manager  running with 8GB RAM and 2 Processors
LDAP server running either AD or eDirectory


Customer has NetIQ Cloud Access 1.5 installed and working fine in a small test environment. In preperation for a move into production, the administrator added a container from the production LDAP tree that consisted of 10,000 users. Within a minute of adding the container, the NCA healthcheck reports a YELLOW warning on the user store. Clocking the health tab for the appliance shows the following warning:

<component updated="-1" name="Provisioning" status="YELLOW" ><message>driver > seems unresponsive</message><component updated="-1" name="bis_EDIR_4Jf0q" > status="YELLOW" ><message>Driver seems unresponsive</message></component>

The NCA appliance continues to imports all 10,000 users without any issues. The new users can access some SAML connectors admin put together, and SSO to a back end app with the proxy plugins.

However, the UI continues to show the warning that the provisioning driver seems unresponsive ie. goes to YELLOW state and back to GREEN.


The provisioning warning is cosmetic in nature. It stems from the healthcheck being run before the LDAP search queries for updated users has completed. This generic LDAP queries is done to find out whether user objects mandatory attributes (mail, given name, sn, cn) have been updated and in a large container with 10,000 users, the time taken to check all attributes may take longer than the default allowed time.

A defect has been added to allow greater flexibility with these healthcheck probes.