Cannot access Cloud Access or Social Access console using SSH

  • 7014301
  • 17-Dec-2013
  • 17-Feb-2015


NetIQ Cloud Access 1.x
NetIQ Cloud Access 2.x
NetIQ Social Access 1.x
NetIQ Social Access 2.x


All Cloud and Social Access management and statistics are available via the product UI. How does one get access to the system console via an SSH session, to check out some OS related specifics.


As per design, Cloud and Social access do not provide access to the system console. If, when debugging an issue, access to the server console is required by NTS then a key for one SSH session to the console can be setup by the NTS personel.

There is a plan with NCA 2.1 to include a subset of networking tools (iproute2, netstat, netcat) to allow an administrator verify why a browser cannot connect to the Appliance at install time. This will be the only default network access provided.