XDAS tab disappears after choosing Upgrade XDAS Configuration

  • 7014288
  • 12-Dec-2013
  • 12-Dec-2013


NetIQ eDirectory 8.8.7.X
NetIQ iManager 2.7.X
Role Based Services has been configured


After choosing the link on the XDAS tab - "Upgrade XDAS Configuration", the XDAS tab is no longer availlable.

A Role Based Services collection has been created prior to choosing the "Upgrade XDAS Configuration" option.

eDirectory was configured with a prior version of eDirectory and then upgraded to eDir or later.


This issue is being investigated by development.

To resolve the problem:

In iManager, choose the Configure button
Choose Role Based Services
Choose RBS Configuration

Click on the # under Installed
Check the box next to eDirectory Instrumentation and choose Uninstall, then close the Installed Modules screen after completed
Click on the # under Not-Installed
Check the box next to eDirectory Instrumentation and choose Install, then close the Not-Installed Modules screen after completed

Now the XDAS tab should be visible under Roles and Tasks | eDirectory Auditing | Audit Configuration


During the upgrade some of the attributes aren't properly configured for the RBS collection | eDirectory Instrumentation module.


Reported to Engineering