Filr users experiencing delayed logins and MySQL appliance showing 100% CPU spikes

  • 7014283
  • 12-Dec-2013
  • 24-Apr-2014


Novell Filr 1.0.1
Novell Filr 1.0.0
Novell Filr MySQL


Filr users may experience a delay when login is attempted from a web browser and at the same time the Filr database server shows CPU spikes to 100%.


Note: If possible, it is best to shut down the Filr service when running these commands.

  1. Connect to the Filr database (MySQL appliance) as user root:
    mysql -uroot -p
    Enter the MySQL root user password:

  2. Switch to use the filr database:
    use filr;

  3. Drop and then Create a new index for the SS_Forums table:
    drop index internal_Binder on SS_Forums;
    create index internalId_Binder on SS_Forums (internalId);

  4. (Optional) To verify that the new index has been created, use the following query:
    show indexes from SS_Forums where Key_name = 'internalId_Binder';

  5. Exit mysql:

Note: Be aware that 'internalId' in all lowercase reads 'internalid'. Please make sure to write it as 'internalId'

If you need assistance in updating your Filr database or have additional questions, please contact Novell Technical Support with reference to this TID.


Sequential scanning of the database table rather than the appropriate database index is the root cause of this issue.